We can recondition or exchange struts for many applications including :

  • Boot, bonnet, hatch and tailgates
  • Canopies and ute lids
  • Pop tops and beds in caravans and campers
  • Buses
  • Covered in trailers (tradesmen and campers)
  • Industrial machinery
  • Shock absorbers – especially for imported cars and motor bikes
  • Seat dampers for trucks and tractors
  • Tilt assist struts for outboard motors
  • Locking struts in Chairs, bus seats, hospital beds
  • Commercial Chairs, copiers printers
  • Stainless steel struts used in marine and catering applications
  • Farm equipment tractors harvesters

If your strut is unsuitable for reconditioning we can supply struts for all the above at reasonable and competitive prices.

NB Many of these applications are OH & S requirements

We also supply the following accessories

                        Ball joints       Ball ends      Rod ends             Brackets         Locks and hinges